Campus Campaign

A vote of confidence in Shippensburg University

EntanceSign.Tulips.1#8B3673The Campus Campaign is an opportunity for faculty, administrators and staff to support the mission of the University through gifts to the SU Foundation.

  • Your gifts demonstrate your belief in the mission of the University and enhance the contributions you already make every day in and outside of the classroom.  
  • Your gifts keep the core academic program robust and current.  
  • Your gifts support scholarships and awards, fund research opportunities, and athletic, cultural and other initiatives for students.
  •  Your gifts and dedication to the collective success of the University provide students with the opportunity of a lifetime

As an important member of the Campus Community lend your support today and keep the standard of excellence alive and well at Shippensburg University. All gifts are appreciated and can be made one time or through convenient payroll deductions.  Contributions can be made to the Campus Campaign Fund (to help meet the greatest needs of the institution), or designated to a particular college, fund or scholarship. All gifts are eligible for membership in the SU Foundation Annual Fund Gift Clubs.

View the SU Foundation’s Report to the Campus Community.