Alumni Couple Honored for Challenge Gift

Rich Pizzarro ’88 and Lori Baker Pizzarro ’95 love their alma mater and have supported it with their time, talent, and treasure since they graduated.  In 1995, Rich received the Outstanding Young Alumnus award and since 2000 has been a valued member of the SU Foundation Board of Directors.  Lori has served on the General Alumni Board since 2012.  Asked if they would be the SU Foundation’s Annual Fund National Co-Chairs for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, the Pizzarro’s did not hesitate.  But nothing is business as usual with Rich and Lori.  In December 2015, they decided to infuse the Annual Fund with some new energy and excitement by declaring a $100,000 challenge gift.  This was launched with a video and campus-wide “I accept the challenge” initiative.  The challenge was an incredible success.  At its completion on June 30, 2016, the challenge had more than tripled the original $100,000 and attracted 1,306 new donors to the Annual Fund. That is truly alumni love in action benefitting students in all ways the Annual Fund touches their lives on a daily basis.  The Pizzarro’s were presented with a plaque at the recent Presidents’ Recognition Reception recognizing their significant contribution to the Annual Fund.