Ship Students Need Our Help

Dear Fellow Ship Alumni and Friends:

In light of current events and these uncertain times, one thing we do know is that our Ship family comes together and supports one another. In that spirit, we will get through these difficult times together.

Ship students are now transitioning to virtual delivery of their academic coursework away from the University for the remainder of the spring semester. We wish them well on what will be a new experience for many students and their amazing faculty.

As Ship alumni, we wanted to know what immediate needs students and faculty have that we could help with during this time. President Carter shared with us that the greatest need students have right now is for technology to complete the semester remotely. Students who do not have laptops and/or internet access at home need laptops and iPad hotspots which cost $750 and $350 each respectively plus $50 per month for data. It would be very helpful if we were able to secure assistance for these items. Faculty have similar equipment needs. They are also serving as “fellows” who are providing online training and remote learning support to faculty who need technical assistance.

The Shippensburg University Foundation is here to help the University garner support from alumni and friends for Shippensburg University students especially during these unexpected times. Today, please join us in making a contribution to the SU Foundation in support of student and faculty technology. We will use your support to help students who might be challenged to afford their most basic needs and access to necessary resources for remote learning and other unforeseen personal difficulties.

If you are in a position to support at this time, please click here to do so. Thank you in advance for helping us reinforce our support for the students and what it means to be a part of the Ship Family.

David Weisgerber ’812019-2020 National Annual Fund Chair
and the Annual Fund Leadership Team:
Wanda Polk Bankhead ’80
Gary Bicking ’82
Tracy Boak ’86
Chuck Brown ’00 & ’01
Jerome Dean ’82
Kevin Krause ’80
Megan Lawrence ’17
Randy Lowe ’92
Craig Loundas ’81
Steve Mentzer ’88
Chuck Nebel ’84
Cody Olson ’18
John Yackovich ’08