Pathway Home Brick Project

The Pathway Home Brick Project is a part of the overall Campaign for Stewart Hall.

The Campaign for Stewart Hall
At the conclusion of the Charting the Course Lighting the Way Campaign, the Campaign for Stewart Hall stood at $1,417,411. Thank you to alumni, parents, friends, and members of the campus community for their support of this project. You can still make a gift to help us reach our goal of $1,500,000.

Shippensburg4-12 154The Restoration
The University’s master plan envisions a new life for Stewart Hall: as home of the Shippensburg University Alumni Association and as an alumni center. The former raised track will be transformed into an exhibition gallery, a venue to showcase Ship’s impressive collection of alumni memorabilia. The former basketball court will be a welcoming center for exhibits, meetings, and receptions. Additional space will be used for Alumni office staff who are currently located off campus. The restoration is currently in the design phase through July of 2017. Construction is slated to begin in January of 2018 and run through December of 2018. Alumni Association staff should be able to move into their new home in early 2019.

The BookSH_FrontCvr_Design2
A new book recently published by the SU Foundation titled Meet Me at Stewart Hall, History and Memories of Shippensburg University’s Historic Stewart Hall is now available for purchase at the SU Bookstore. Dr. Steven Burg, Chair of the History and Philosophy Department at Shippensburg University, led the Joint Undergraduate Student/Faculty Research project that created the content of the book. Both graduate and undergraduate students worked on the project, researching the history of Stewart Hall, and conducting 24 oral histories from alumni, retired faculty, and others that are included in the book.  This is a must-read: for anyone who spent time in Stewart Hall, playing basketball, running the track, taking classes, dancing, meeting the love of their life, or those just interested in the history of one of the oldest, most beloved buildings on campus.

The Brick Pathway Home
Shippensburg University is a part of your past. Now, you can be a permanent part of its future with a personalized brick on the Pathway Home to Stewart Hall. The Pathway Home will be a brick path around the entrance to Stewart Hall. If you haven’t already gifted a brick, or would like to gift a second brick, there is still time!  The brick pathway will be installed after the restoration of Stewart Hall is complete.