Impact Stories

Scholarship Recipients

Ron’s Story

Received the Kish-Miller Family Study Abroad Scholarship Junior Ron Reynolds did not go far from his home in Chambersburg to attend college, so his study abroad experience in Germany last semester was life-changing. “I was in a small town near Hamburg and I loved it,” Ron shared. … Read More »

Stephanie’s Story

Received the Herr Study Abroad Scholarship Stephanie Runyon had never traveled outside the United States before last summer when she took a study abroad class in Europe. A senior in the John L. Grove College of Business, Stephanie said the experience was more than she imagined. “ … Read More »

Jose’s Story

Senior José Lopez has wanted to become a teacher since kindergarten. With help from the Robert D. Gimmi Scholarship, he is on his way to achieving that dream. “Growing up as a first-gen student and in a life where I had to overcome many things to be where I am today, I value the … Read More »


Todd’s Story

Wheeler ROTC Scholarship Todd M. Wheeler graduated from Shippensburg University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 1986. During his senior year at Shippensburg University, Todd was the US Army ROTC Cadet Battalion Commander. He was a doctoral candidate in the admin … Read More »

Kevin’s Story

“There are so many career opportunities in the STEM disciplines. Every company – from medicine to manufacturing – needs them. My Ship education served me well, and I hope that this endowment will enable others to realize their dreams.” Read More »

Bill and Sue’s Story

Bill Rothman has understood the value of land since growing up on a 155-acre farm in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. After receiving a business degree from Penn State University in 1963, he earned his real estate license and launched a career that has spanned more than 50 years and … Read More »

Ray and Suzanne’s Story

“Growing up, we were very poor, and I went to college with only the bare necessities covered. My hope is that with this endowment, students can enrich their education beyond the necessities and have opportunities to travel and conduct research.” Read More »

Brian’s Story

“There are still a lot of students out there like me—hardworking first-generation college students who are looking to better their lives—and we should support that. Ship has given me a life beyond my expectations, and I hope others can experience that.” Read More »

Abigail’s Story

“I don’t think I can share the true impact Shippensburg had on my life if I did not divulge some of my high school experience. I graduated with under a 3.0 GPA. I failed a class, and earned Ds and Cs in others. During my senior year I had so much turmoil in my life that I ran awa … Read More »

Joint Undergraduate Student/Faculty Research Fund Recipents

Jacey’s Story

Research funded by the David and Anne Atkinson College of Arts and Science Research Award Jacey Moyer of Dillsburg was a second-year chemistry major when she partnered with her professor on his research. The experience helped her explore the field of chemistry, grow in confidence … Read More »