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Shippensburg University is a pathway to the American dream. Offering an outstanding education that’s still within reach, Ship educates bold thinkers, women and men who blaze new trails in business and science, education, and the humanities.

Facing unprecedented challenges, Ship is poised to adapt and grow, yet hold fast to its mission of access and opportunity.

Through this campaign, the Shippensburg University Foundation will empower the people,programs, and places of Shippensburg University to chart the course and light the way for tomorrow’s leaders—for our region, our nation, and beyond.

It’s a bold undertaking—ambitious, even—but it must be done. And we can’t do it alone. We need you, alumni and friends who care about our university and the students entrusted to its care, to support Shippensburg University.

National Campaign Co-Chairs

The life of every organization has defining moments: times of change, times of decision, that make or break its future. This campaign, Charting the Course, Lighting the Way, is one of those moments for Shippensburg University. Read more from National Campaign Co-Chairs Dr. Gary and Mrs. Mary Jo Grove.


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Help Us Achieve Our Goal!

Help Us Achieve our Goal